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What is a trade show? Above all, participating in a trade show means meeting with partners (and also clients, suppliers, producers, consumers, customers, etc.). Personal contact, as you well know, is always valued above all else. So why not continue this same contact in a more private and peaceful setting (trade shows, as you know, aren't known for being peaceful!) and head over to a cozy place where you can continue your discussion over a glass of wine, cognac, or beer, and maybe even - who knows? - sign the most lucrative contract of your life. And at the same time enjoy a tasty meal!

Hence, we recommend you take advantage of our online table reservation service to book any - even the most prestigious - restaurant in Kyiv offered at Chicken.Kiev.

If your company happens to want to spend an enjoyable evening with business partners, then our "Order a banquet" service is just what you need. Here you'll have a separate room, live music (if you'd like), a previously arranged menu, exclusive dishes, special service, and the same 5% discount.

It can be rather difficult to make a choice from among the 300 restaurants in town. But we will help you; at the "Chicken.Kiev recommends" page you can search restaurants by cuisine, location, discounts, and restaurant rating (generated automatically on the site), and also by availability of business lunches (not all establishments have this service) and, of course, banquet service.

Anyway, welcome, and bon appetit!
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